How You Can Make Every Day More Of An Adventure...For Your Dog

At the end of the day when you finally get home and shuffle the key into its lock, you hear it. On the other side of the door, prancing of paws against the floor or a wagging tail heralding your arrival. It’s your dog, meeting you with nothing but absolute joy and love. No one will ever be so happy to see you as your dog. Your dog greets you like you’re Ryan Gosling in the Notebook every time you walk through the door. And, if you’re like me, it’s a highlight of your day.

But there’s a flip side too. Whenever you leave the house, you get the eyes. That creeping thought in the back of your head all day long, “She’s probably so bored.” Or “I hope he didn’t eat the sofa today.” Well, there’s a company that can put your mind at rest while putting your pup in doggie nirvana.

Ruffin’ Wranglers has been around long enough to be a trusted household name in Rhode Island. Monday through Friday their signature fleet of Sniff Mobiles picks up dogs from their homes, taking them to a vast, open (yet fenced) field where they play with a pack of their friends. After their run, the exhausted pups are loaded back up, and returned home with the utmost care.

With their specialized brand of care, Ruffin’ Wranglers does more than simply allow your four legged friends out to take care of business. The time dogs spend with the Wranglers is filled with exercise, love, and socialization. Just like wolves, our furry friends do best in packs. That is exactly what happens as they settle in with the gang at Ruffin’ Wranglers.

Okay, let’s talk details. There are half day runs that have your dog out of the house for about two and a half hours. Those happen in the morning or the afternoon. Full day runs are also available. A two day minimum is required to maintain consistency for the dog. Currently the service areas are Providence (East Side, Downtown, West Side), East Providence, Pawtucket (Oak Hill), Barrington, Rumford, and Southern Seekonk.

To set up a meet and greet for your pet, call owner Blythe Penna at (401) 419-4318. You can also find them online at these links:

Full disclosure, I work at Ruffin’ Wranglers as their Marketing Manager. However, this piece was not written as a paid piece of marketing.

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