How 2: Create The Perfect Brow With Jenny DiMucci

I don't care what anyone says - the key to leading the best possible life is having great looking eyebrows. If your brows look good, everything else will fall into place. Pinky swear. If they don't...Well, I really don't want to go there.

Thicker and fuller brows are also a huge trend this season, but how exactly does one go about achieving that without looking overdone? 

That's what brought me to see my friend, aka makeup artist extraordinaire, Jenny DiMucci at her Twinkle and Smooch Beauty Studio in Cranston, RI. (She's one of my go-to people when I want flattering without being over the top makeup. Jenny knows I always want to look like me, only maybe a whole lot more glam for certain occasions. In other words, #SheGetsIt.) She was kind enough to share some of her best tips for getting perfectly sculpted yet still natural looking brows with me and the team. She even let us tape it. Take a look:

Cheers to Sculpting Perfect Brows and to Jenny!

Stay tuned for more beauty tutorials and please watch for the launch of her new website where you'll find her full line of skincare and makeup. 


PS - I usually hate myself on video, but I will say (that) my hair and my new nose look #bombdiggity here.

Patty J