This Is Not A Selfie: Behind The Scenes At The Shoot

Having a mimosa during my first EVER photo shoot. Drinking is aging, but it definitely calmed my nerves.

If it wasn't for Brianna Tutalo this picture wouldn't look as organized. She even let me use her Tumi Luggage.

Let me say - I am NOW getting my makeup done for every event I have to go to in the future. Check out one of my makeup artists, Robin McAloon

Another Robin picture. She's fabulous. And so is Ben Verley, the photographer. (She's wearing the striped dress.)

I always tell myself I don't 'need' anything, but then I found these shoes. #JCrew #JimmyChoo


I'd planned to have some pictures taken for this site and I was nervous.

A selfie (My friend Leslie hates, loathes and detests that word btw.) is one thing, but an entire photo shoot centered around me is a whole other thing. That kind of attention gives me agita.

Someone suggested I have a drink or 2 to calm my nerves. I figured since I had to be there by ten am (for makeup and stuff), a mimosa would be the best choice, hence, the blue Solo cup. #WhatsInTheCup

Some important lessons from that day:

  • False eyelashes make a world of difference. (Thank you Robin McAloon.)
  • The photographer will call you out if you're 'hiding behind your hair' - something I've been doing for ages and has at other times served me well.
  • I still can't balance in heels despite my 5 years as a yogi. (I swear I'm really good though.)
  • If you think you only need a 1 or 2 hour photo shoot, think again. Take my advice: Make it 3 or 4 because once you get to 1 or 2 hours, that's when you finally feel comfortable in front of the camera and immediately wish you had booked for longer. 


Stay tuned for a chat with the photographer Benedicte Verley posting soon!