Drinks & Clinks: Cheers-ing to 500 Likes

Monday was a big day! #Exciting

After going live on October 1st and launching the PattyJ.com Facebook page that same day, we were thrilled to see that we'd reached over 500 likes (in less than a month). We then decided unanimously to celebrate your support that evening where else but Federal Hill.

The Hill is known for being the home of so many amazing restaurants, but it was a Monday night - when many of those restaurants are closed for biz - so we could only include two in our celebratory restaurant crawl.

We started out at Zooma. They're known for their homemade pasta, but we decided to have drinks & apps instead. (We knew we had to pace ourselves.)


Patty J says -  They told me this was a 'Dirty Lemonade', so I didn't realize it had all that vodka in it. #Wink

Patty J says -  They told me this was a 'Dirty Lemonade', so I didn't realize it had all that vodka in it. #Wink

We had a hard time deciding which cocktails we wanted

because the drink menu at Zooma

is so extensive. 

Final Decisions:
Dirty Lemonade
Red Sangria
New Zealand Sav Blanc
Vodka (straight up) with Muddled Lemons


                                                          Scolding HOT but delicious!

                                                          Scolding HOT but delicious!

Next, we had Pasta Fagoli, which the PattyJ.com team considers a staple. I mean who doesn't love soup? And beans? And Italian food period? Really now. Who?


                                                                                    Veggie Pizza from Zooma

                                                                                    Veggie Pizza from Zooma

We then had to order a veggie pizza because when you go to a restaurant with a vegetarian (hint, hint Patty J), you can't order one covered in pepperoni or meatballs. This was actually one of two pizzas we inhaled before heading down the street to Siena


At Siena, we had bread with olive oil (instead of butter), pasta and a favorite dessert of ours which consists of doughboys, vanilla ice cream and Nutella. When dining on the Hill, its definitely not the time to count calories. What we're saying here is 'Bring on the carbs and plenty of them'. 


Thanks again to everyone who likes us !