RI Style Diaries: Bitches, Brick Walls & Bargains

Fashion's such a bitch.

Style is a doll.

Fashion tells you to give all your skinny jeans to Goodwill because bell bottoms are making a comeback this fall. 

Style tells you to keep the skinny jeans and add an ankle boot and maybe a printed scarf (as Laina did here). 

Fashion is all about spending all your money on whatever status bag or shoe is trending these days. 

Style isn't. It's about knowing what looks good on you (Again, just because something is popular doesn't mean you should buy on to it. Don't be a style sheep! #Baaaah) and putting yourself together in an inspired way. 

This is where Laina comes in.

She's mixed together a number of different labels (Note: Head to toe all one label is B-O-R-I-N-G. Don't care what anyone may tell you - It's a total yawn.) and affordable pieces to create one super cute outfit, including:

  • Vegan 'Leather' Jacket by Free People (found @ TJ Maxx) Love that this is a nice looking cruelty free alternative for anyone who wants to avoid buying real leather.

  • Tunic (beneath jacket) and Printed Scarf, both from Target 

  • Cropped Jean by Anthro (aka, Anthropologie) Notice how she winterized the crop by wearing it with ankle boots. 

  • Boots by Betsey Johnson (purchased last year @ Cohoes in Garden City, Cranston, RI)

  • Bag by Lost & Found (purchased recently @ TJ Maxx) Btw, I want one of these !!! Also, Laina and I both prefer to carry larger (hand)bags, but that's a personal choice. #Decide4Yourself

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