My RI Life: Meet Anthony Sanders of We Run This Town

Here at, it's our mission to introduce you to the coolest, most talented and most amazing RI'ers we know.

And Anthony Sanders? He's at the top of our list.

For many reasons.

First of all, we admire Anthony's energy - I mean, for starters, he's a family man, a full time fraud investigator and a founding member of the running and fitness group appropriately called 'We Run This Town'. (Such a great name!!!) He's also someone who doesn't just talk and talk about ideas and philosophies, he lives them. That's the key right there. (As I, and countless others before me, have blogged, it's actions, not words, that make people who they are.) Then, of course, there's Anthony's concern for and commitment to helping people around him, namely, his family, friends and neighbors. This is something he and the other members of We Run This Town do on an almost daily basis. Specifically, you should know and I'm going to tell you that WRTT partners with many local charities year round to provide support and visibility for important causes in and around Providence, RI. Now, I'd say that's pretty #Impressive.

But enough from me - Watch our video blog featuring Anthony Sanders and see and hear for yourself.




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Also, many thanks to the wonderful waitstaff @ JP Spoonem's on 1678 Broad Street in Cranston, RI for keeping our coffee cups full during the filming of this interview.