How 2: Fake Perfect Skin & Never Filter Another Selfie Again

You didn't think I'd go to the flagship Saks last week and NOT buy anything, did you?

Their 5th Avenue flagship store is beyond impressive and last time I was there, I loaded up on costume jewelry and Wolford tights, a winter wardrobe staple according to me and Nina Garcia in her The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Women Must Own. (Wish I looked like one of the Ruben Toledo illustrations in Nina's books!) If you get the chance, #YouShouldGo. 

This time, I made it out of their 10022- Shoe (department) without buying a darn thing. Yes, their shoe department has it's own zip code and do the math - this means they have practically every brand and style a lover of beautifully made shoes could ever want. And it was even more difficult (for me) not to shop because my niece went and bought a pair of gorgeous Louboutin ankle boots. Did I also mention that the pair of black patent Jimmy Choo's I tried were so comfortable? Sigh. But I walked away. 

Once I made it back downstairs to the ground floor, where more purchases were being made by people other than me, I was feeling really edgy. At that point, I looked up and there it was - the Giorgio Armani makeup counter. I took this as a sign, especially since I had just read a glowing recommendation of their Luminous Silk foundation by someone famous in - I think - the November issue of InStyle (the one with a glow-y T.Swift on the cover). 

True Confession: While I do like a more natural look (aka, the art of applying makeup so it looks as though you're not wearing any), I am also a card carrying, certified make-up buying junkie. Need proof? How about this pix of my VIB card from Sephora and one of the make-up drawers in my bathroom:


Now, before we go any further, let me just tell you that never in a million years did I imagine I'd become someone who would buy - let alone use - a foundation brush. On the surface, it seems like something completely unnecessary, but trust me on this, it isn't. The girl from Armani Beauty who applied the foundation with the Armani Designer Foundation Brush did such an awesome job, I decided to buy both, not entirely sure if I'd actually use the brush in my real outside of the Saks flagship store life or not. But I did - use it, that is. 

Full Disclosure: As a retail veteran (of almost 2 decades), I never let anyone at a counter do my makeup without buying at least 1-2 items. Seems like the right thing to do because time always, always ='s money, especially in the retail world. 

the foundation brush and the foundation

the foundation brush and the foundation

So I got home to RI and successfully used both the makeup and that brush. All by myself. Guess that means I'm firmly back on TEAM FOUNDATION again, after an extended flirtation with all those BB and CC creams. (OK, I'm a sucker for certain makeup trends.) And my skin's never looked better. I swear. Need proof? How about a #NoFilter #CarSelfie I took last week after having applied the foundation with said brush: