RI Style Diaries: When It's Freezing Cold Outside

It's November in RI and it's freezing.


No surprise there, but what about all those fall, winter clothes you've pulled out of the attic or cedar closet that you were probably already bored to tears with last year and the year before? 

Here's a way to keep warm and more importantly, make all those fall, winter clothes look new and different.

The answer quite simply is scarves.


I was shopping with my niece, Nicole (Tutalo, not Richie) the other day and we both decided that we (and YOU) cannot own enough scarves. It's a pretty affordable way to make every piece of clothing you already own look different and way way more stylish. (Full Disclosure: I may have bought a bunch of new scarves that day. #Wink)

It's also easy to do.

Please don't think you have to be a scarf tying expert or anything. You don't.

Wanna know the truth? Those scarf tying videos with all the cute names for the different knots have always annoyed me. Who has the time or patience for that sort of thing anyway, especially first thing in the morning?

Certainly not me.

And I bet you don't either. 

The only things you really need to be concerned with when it comes to shopping for scarves are fabrication and color. (Tip: If you want to sound like you're 'in the know', instead of saying fabric, say fabrication. It'll impress anyone who works with clothing in any way, shape or form.) If you're wearing the right fabrication and color, you can just layer your scarf casually around your neck and still look FAB. If it's large enough, wear it like a shawl. No freakin' PhD in scarf tying necessary! 

The new scarf I'm wearing (with an old puffer jacket and Gap Body leggings) in these pix has all the things I look for when shopping for one this time of year:

  • It's a wool blend. The wool is warm (Duh) and the other two materials (nylon and polymide) give it texture, which makes it stand out that much more. Texture usually = WOW
  • It's wool but it's not itchy. Don't buy anything that itches. Ever. 
  • It doesn't shed. Make sure any scarf you're considering doesn't leave fuzz all over you. Nothing ruins a look quicker. And besides, who wants to walk around with a lint roller? #Uncool
  • It's colorful. My winter wardrobe is made up of mostly greys and black and know what? Those colors do not flatter anyone's face. This is where color becomes super important. Know which colors work best for you (other than grays or black) and look for those when choosing a scarf.

*TIP:   Don't know which colors work best for you? Don't panic! Here's what to do: Next time someone tells you how fantastic you look, make a note of what color you're wearing near your face. That color is definitely one that flatters your skin tone and hair color. 


PattyJ's Fall Favorites:

Scarf, J.Crew

Weather Proof Ankle Boots (similar boots available @ StuartWeitzman.com)

Oversized 'Grandpa' Cardigan (similar styles available @ Vince.com)

I'll Drink To That: A Life In Style With A Twist By Betty Halbreich


Know What Else? The scarf PattyJ is wearing is from J.Crew, but if you have a favorite local shop or boutique where you get great scarves, we want to know about. PattyJ.com wants to showcase RI-based accessories and clothing stores. Seriously.