Dark Circles Suck & What To Do About Them

I've had dark circles under my eyes since I was about 6 or 7 years old. 

In the years since these pictures were taken, I've bought and tried just about every concealer, under eye concealer and highlighter out there, trying to cover up those damned circles. What I found was that many were either too light, too peachy or too shimmery. And you know what happens when you put a concealer that's the wrong shade under your eyes, right? You get Reverse Raccoon Eyes, or lighter stripes of obvious concealer (usually in photos that someone else uploads to social media and tags you in) under your eyes. 

Now, you might think the fear of ending up in a mobile upload with Reverse Raccoon Eyes would stop me from trying to conceal the shadows, but it hasn't - mostly because dark circles make you (and me) look tired. And who wants to look tired? Especially after having had a great night's sleep and 1-2 cups of coffee. Not. Me. (While we're on the subject of looking tired, do me a favor and please stop telling other people how tired they look. Loosely translated, 'You look tired today.' means 'You look like complete and utter crap.' If you really want to help, buy them a cup of coffee, but for the love of Pete, stop telling them how bad they look.)

True Confession: Thought I'd found the perfect under eye concealer - up until recently, however, when I suddenly realized I needed something with some moisture. Call me lazy and not 25 years old anymore, but I'd rather not have to apply an eye cream before my concealer or (even worse) mix an eye cream with my concealer before applying it. Hate to repeat myself, but who has time for all that?

Thank Goodness, I came across Fake Up from Benefit one day while I was killing time in my local neighborhood Sephora. (Don't laugh - That's how I stay centered and calm.) Fake Up is basically a concealer stick wrapped in an outer layer of moisturizer. An All In One, if you will. Brilliant!

How do I know it really works? 

Well, for starters, I don't have to photoshop out dark circles in any of my mobile uploads these days. (Yeah, like you've never done it.) And equally as important, no one tells me how tired  I look anymore.

PS - For those times when I actually am tired, have had too much coffee, and my skin starts acting up,  Glam Glow Super Mud is the quickest way (short of visiting a skin doctor) of clearing up breakouts. I swear by it. And The Fresh Lip Treatments? Same deal. If you're feeling tired or rundown and need to look instantly cuter, put some on! It'll brighten up your whole face. It's sheer (color), super moisturizing and a tube lasts for years. Gave some to a friend for her birthday and she couldn't stop gushing about how awesome it was.

Ciao For Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: Images of makeup and beauty products and Sephora courtesy of Google Images. All other photos courtesy of me.