RI Style Diaries: High School Crushes, Bad Hair Days & Shopping In PVD

Went to Providence yesterday to see my friend Cassandra Capraro, the Goddess of both  Goddess Closet, downtown at the (new) Arcade, and Glistening Goddesses in Johnston. More about Goddess Closet in a sec, but let me say that Glistening Goddesses is the go-to for natural looking spray tans for so many of RI's 'It Girls' and other big shots. I can't name names, but you've seen them on the pages of all the local papers and mags. (Read all about the first time I got spray tanned @ Glistening Goddesses here.)

Now, I haven't been to the Arcade in ages, not since I used to walk downtown after (high) school because a guy I had a huge crush on would hang out there (Long story short - He didn't think I was fabulous. #HisLoss) or I needed a place to kill time before catching a RIPTA bus in nearby Kennedy Plaza. ⁉️💔🚍

Me at the Arcade, many years ago. What was I thinking with that hair? Those eyebrows? Oy. Why didn't anyone tell me?

Me at the Arcade, many years ago. What was I thinking with that hair? Those eyebrows? Oy. Why didn't anyone tell me?

Anyway, since then, many things have changed there. For the better...

The newly reopened Arcade is a combination of private residences and retail. The top floors are micro lofts. (Not sure what that means exactly, but I'd totally live there if anyone wants to gift me one.) The ground floor features New Harvest Coffee & Spirits (They dazzled me w/their latte art.) along with a blow-dry bar called Blowouts (because, as we all know, good hair matters! And, for the record, I could've used that place back in the day.) and a selection of boutiques selling jewelry, clothes and consignment. Maybe I'm partial, but my fav of all these options is by far Cassandra's Goddess Closet. #Wink 

Goddess Closet 

Goddess Closet 

Fun Fact: The Arcade is the oldest (indoor) shopping mall in the US. It was declared a National Landmark in 1976.

GC (as I like to call it) is an adorable space decorated in deep pink and white with hard wood floors and whimsical touches like this black and white print of Audrey as the iconic Holly GoLightly in Breakfast At Tiffany's. 


Also, and most importantly, it offers a well curated selection of consignment costume (jewelry), shoes, bags and clothing. I saw so many cute things that I wanted to scoop up and bring home, including a Jenna Lyons-esque rhinestone necklace and a black Fendi shoulder bag, but I'm trying super hard to be good and shop for others this season. 

Goddess Closet also carries a selection of new and locally made jewelry and gift-y items like these candles by Little Rhody Candle Works. Perfect to have on hand in case you get any surprise guests bearing gifts (for you) this season. Also, gotta LOVE how Cassandra supports other local businesses! 

So, it's definitely OK to look back and laugh your *ss off about those high school crushes and that horrible high school hair. But don't forget to check out the Goddess Closet for all those phenomenal finds that you never knew you needed until you walked thru their door...And yes, if you must know, that black Fendi bag is still haunting me, alright?