RI Confidential: More Coffee, Less Cellulite

A few years ago, I was living on a diet of mostly bagels, cookies, french fries, and cafe mochas.

And could not figure out exactly why I felt so crummy all the time.

Yes, I was the original #Clueless.

Eventually though (thanks to a laundry list of reasons), I wised up and made some serious changes, including exercising again after an almost ten year lull and trading in the pastries and burgers for organic fruits and veggies.

The one thing I absolutely refused to give up?

Coffee (minus the mocha thank you very much).

Heck yeah, I'm still a #CoffeeAchiever. 

Heck yeah, I'm still a #CoffeeAchiever. 

That’s why I was so curious when I found out about a line of products (for the body) from right here in RI, made with organic green coffee and essential oils. It’s called Java: Coffee Infused Skin Care. My friend Madonna is a fan and swears by it to help keep her skin looking super healthy. Turns out that the woman behind Java, Stephanie Additon, is as passionate about coffee and organic everything as I am. Stephanie and Co. also make sure that the whole process, from the farming to the roasting of the coffee beans in Wickford, RI, to when those beans actually become part of the soaps, body washes, scrubs, and serums is completely eco-friendly. Nice to know, right?

After trying the line, I wanted to give you the full scoop, so here are two of my Java favs:

1. The Coffee Bean And Raw Sugar Body Scrub 

Any beauty guru or blogger will tell you that regular exfoliation is one of the keys to radiant glow-y skin. I’ve used other coffee-based scrubs for this very reason and honestly, they were just okay. This one knocked my socks off! First, because it smells exactly like a phenomenally good cup of organic coffee, and second, because it left my sensitive skin way smoother, without any irritation whatsoever.


2. The Body Serum

Directions on the bottle say to apply this to "problem areas." I have THOSE - Heck, we all have 'em. Even swimsuit models. Case in point: Someone I used to work with told me a story about a well-known swimsuit model (from a few years back). Apparently, she had shown up for a photo shoot at the studio where this person was working at the time and, much to this person's surprise (and everyone else's for that matter), she had cellulite. Well, I say she probably wasn’t exfoliating or moisturizing enough - Both of those things help diminish the dreaded orange peel look big time.

After using the serum (FYI: It’s loaded with green coffee–infused Argan oil.), my skin did look pretty taut. And a lot more moisturized. Almost wish I could've gone back in time and given some to that famous model what's her name.

My only criticism? Java needs to make a larger size bottle of it. Seriously.

So, there you have it — More reasons to include more coffee in your life.

What could be better than that?

Ciao For Now,



PS - How about a Holiday Special? Right now, thru 12/31/14, Java is offering 25% off Online orders. 

PPS - It makes a perfect gift for anyone in your life who goes bananas over great coffee or anything organic and locally made.