RI Confidential: Listen Up, 3 Things Nobody Tells You About Starting A Blog

December 1st marked two whole months that PattyJ.com has been live. Pretty exciting stuff! But despite all the meetings, prep, and more meetings, there have still been plenty of what I'll call surprises. In other words, it hasn't been all photo shoots, lattes and shopping. Nope. Not even close.

From the PattyJ Photo Shoot in Providence

From the PattyJ Photo Shoot in Providence

Thought I'd share 3 of best (more like the best of the worst) surprises with you:

1. Nobody Told Me I'd Wind Up Eating Goat Meat.

(Nicole says 'Ewwwww!')

A few months back, I interviewed a well-known RI'er at a restaurant somewhere on the West Side of Providence. A place that happens to serve a dish made with goat meat. This dish also happens to be this man's fav thing to order whenever he eats there. Despite being a card carrying vegetarian for 3+ years, I indulged. Call it peer pressure. Call it good (blog) business sense. No matter how you slice it though, all my vegetarian and vegan friends were  unhappy with me. 'I thought you were drunk when you sent me that text, the one about you eating the goat meat?' one said disapprovingly. My husband didn't help matter by following me around for days afterwards, making goat noises.🐐🐐🐐 🍴🍴🍴

*We have not posted the blog about him yet. Stay tuned.

2. More Creepy FB Messages And LinkedIn Followers  

When you announce to the world that you're starting your own blog and you post a few pictures of yourself looking cuter than usual, you will inevitably get weird FB messages at 4am from married guys and even weirder guys trying to add you to their network (Is that what they're calling it these days?) on LinkedIn. If you thought people were only using LinkedIn for professional stuff, you're so wrong. Not the case. I figured this out recently after adding someone who sent me a request and had mutual friends. Safe, right? No bleepin way. After he proceeded to like everything I shared, post a bunch of articles on topics like female orgasms and vibrators and send me private messages, I blocked the creeper. My turn to say Ewwwwwww.

3. Pat Benatar was right - Love really is a battlefield. 

Without giving away too much, I will only say that the ex gf of someone we profiled glowingly on the site was not thrilled with us. Aka, tried to trash us. Whatever. Jealousy is a killer. #GetWellSoon 


Don't be fooled -

Blogging can be dangerous. 📝👓📲💣