Around Town RI: Drinking & Blogging

Drinking is so aging...

But this kind isn't! 

A few people I know in EG (That's East Greenwich, RI) were raving about Raw Bob's Organic Juicery, so I decided to leave Garden City (Yes, I leave Cranston all the time.) and make the trip over.

Such a good decision.

Located at 249 Main St., it's a cheery little shop, decorated in bright upbeat colors and filled with baskets of fresh fruit. They feature a pretty extensive menu of healthy shots, green or fruit smoothies and juices made fresh while you wait. They use only organic ingredients, spring water and spring water ice cubes. They don't use any processed suger, concentrates or syrups. And they even have snacks and drinks for kid's. (I saw a chocolate pudding on there that I'm so going back for this weekend.)

I am a firm believer in eating organic and if you are, I suggest you go. If you're not, I suggest you still go.

Nicole and I had shots with apple cider vinegar, 1/2 an apple and......We forget the rest because honestly, we were too busy taking pix for this blog, but the shots left us feeling uber healthy and super proud of ourselves for drinking something so healthy. The people there yesterday were also extremely helpful and will guide you in picking something you'll love that has beaucoup benefits for your bod.

Eat good food. Feel and (more importantly) look better!


They're open 7 days and have their very own FB page and FREE Raw Bob's App for easy ordering for all you smart phone addicts. 📲 


Make sure to check this place out


remember, you heard it here first.


PS - Wearing my brand new pair of Sorel boots with black leggings here. Who knows? Maybe this will be my new uniform for the rest of December?