How To: Staying Cool At A Providence Hot Spot

Providence G

Providence G

Hung out with the famous Brianna Tutalo, who also happens to be my niece, last night. Don’t tell anyone, but we’re scouting places for the launch party for THIS blog. (We’re launching as soon!)

Anyway. We ended up at the rooftop bar at the Providence G, which reminded me a lot of the Rose Bar at the top of the Gramercy Park Hotel in NYC. (A neat place to keep in mind next time you’re in NYC btw.)

So, yes, this place is definitely hip.

As a decidedly non-hip individual, here are a few things I learned about rooftop bar dwelling in PVD that you may find useful:

1. Don’t Wear Dark Denim – You’ll spend the whole night wishing you wore a light and flow-y maxi dress.  Dark denim is mad hot in July and I don’t mean in a Sofia Vergara kind of way. No es bueno. Save it for when you’re in the a/c.

2. Do Charge Your I-Phone Or Take A BackUp Battery – Otherwise your phone will definitely die, leaving you unable to obsessively check how many “likes” the Instagram photo of the rooftop bar that you just now posted is accruing. And that’s no fun at all.

3. Don’t Forget Your Shiseido Blotting Papers – It’s ok to glow, but it’s not ok to have your face look downright oily. A slippery slope, especially during the summer.  #BePrepared or suffer the sad consequences of looking way way too shiny.

4. Do Drink 1 Glass of Water for Every Glass of French Wine – This is super important for anyone whose nightly cocktails of late have been either Ginger tea or hot water with lemon or both. Yup, I’m a #LightWeight.

My advice: Stay cool now, and maybe later check out the rooftop bar at the Providence G