The Summer Of Ugly Shoe Shopping

The Sam & Libby Ashland in Silver

The Sam & Libby Ashland in Silver

I have a shopping problem, more specifically, a Target shopping problem.

Ask just about anyone in my family and they will gleefully recount stories about Target and me.

Similar to so many, I go intending to buy laundry detergent and a few other essentials and leave with a cart chock full of stuff, usually totaling $100 or more. It seems that $100 is in fact the magic number – for me and pretty much everyone else posting about their Target shopping issues on FB. #Yup

Earlier this afternoon, I returned to my fav Target location to pick up more essentials (including No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Serum, which, if you want to look 34 forever - or at least tell people that you are - may be your affordable answer) when I decided to browse the shoes. Big mistake. I mean I already had a full cart, which I’d soon learn totaled over $112 worth of essentials. 

That’s when I spied a pair of silver Sam & Libby sandals that looked a whole lot like Birkenstocks. I know I said I hated the whole ugly-shoe trend, but something clicked and suddenly, I had to have those shoes.

Maybe it was the fact that “they” only had 1 pair left in stock? Doesn’t the lack of availability ALWAYS make certain things more appealing? Or maybe it was because I’m going to spend the weekend at a house on the water once occupied by Marilyn Monroe AND The Rolling Stones (not at the same time of course) and that calls for at least 1 new pair of shoes.

After driving to both Warwick locations and Seekonk (where I found an empty box that had previously contained the coveted sandals in my size #Grrrrr), I called Smithfield and, bless their hearts, they had the them in stock. Did I mention they were only $22? (Guess they were running some kind of special on all their sandals that week.) That practically makes up for all the time and gas wasted. And, more importantly, that’s probably the first and only time I’ll be able say I walked out of a Target having spent only $22.

Now all I need is a spa pedicure at Blue Sky