Bianca Jagger, Being Vegan-ish & Butter London Nail Polish

Butter London Polish

Butter London Polish

Had coffee the other night at the Wild Flour Vegan Bakery with an old friend who bears a striking resemblance to Bianca Jagger, mother of Jade and ex-wife of Mick. (Bianca famously married Mick in St. Tropez in 1971 and made fashion history by wearing a nontraditional white suit with a plunging neckline. She was also 4 months pregnant at the time. Mad props to her for all of that.)

I had a latte made with almond milk. Bianca-esque had a green tea latte. Look Ma, no dairy!

Yes, she's Bianca Jagger-esque and we're both Vegan-ish. And by Vegan-ish, I mean we enjoy eating at either Wild Flour or the Garden Grille, the granddaddy of all vegan/vegetarian eateries in RI, whenever we're anywhere near the Providence/Pawtucket line.

Birds of a feather, you know.

In all honesty, we have yet to give up everything else - like leather shoes (Shoes not made from leather can lead to an embarrassing medical condition you may have already heard of called 'stinky feet'.), leather handbags (I'm having a Foley and Corinna moment this Spring after recycling my F & C bag from 2 or 3 birthdays ago. It still works.), eggs and cheese (Highly addictive stuff!) - that would qualify us to be called true blue Vegans.

We're just not there, ok?

Despite these shortcomings though, we are still able to appreciate a good vegan nail polish.

Yes, there is such a thing.

It really does exist.

Hello Butter London. They're a UK beauty company whose mission statement is based on love of 'Rock & Roll, Great Britain and Fashion'. That alone is pretty impressive (I mean we LOVE all those things too.), but factor in no animal testing and no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP in their polishes and you definitely have our attention.

Also, the shade I just bought Yummy Mummy, a shiny subtle beige that both Butter London and nail polish fanatics alike describe as 'magical' and universally flattering. It would, in fact, have gone nicely with Bianca's white wedding ensemble from '71. Bianca was, after all, the original yummy mummy - UK shorthand for a young, pretty, rich mum.

More good news? Since Butter London's Yummy Mummy is a light-ish neutral, it's easy to apply and any mistakes will be a whole lot less noticeable. It'll also go with everything in your Spring/Summer wardrobe.

I swear on my Foley & Corinna bag.

It's that good.

Photo Courtesy: Butter London Nail Polish photo; Pinterest