Just Browsing: Why Too Much Service Bugs Me


It was a hectic afternoon. 

Ran over to Gap Body to buy a few new pairs of leggings for Pure Barre. (You know your life has changed when NOT having enough exercise clothing becomes an issue.) The designated greeter, stationed near the entrance, really startled me, nearly knocking me over with his exuberance. And trust me: No one is that excited about selling boyfriend jeans and t-shirts.No oneLater, the girl at the checkout would not let me leave without going on and on about the Gap (credit) card. It all felt like forced, uncomfortable and confining. #GetMeOuttaHere

Full Disclosure: I have almost 18 years of experience working in retail. With that in mind, I can totally appreciate their allegiance to Gap protocol, but the experience also made me see why more and more people may prefer to shop online. Frankly, when it comes to shopping and 'service', too much attention is just as annoying as being completely ignored. Also, I do enjoy browsing independently. In other words, if I need you, I will call you.

The good news? I did get a sharp deal on 2 pairs of leggings that I'd say are definitely equal to (possibly even better than) Lululemon in terms of quality and fit. #Yay 

Photo Credits: Shopping Quote courtesy of Pinterest