How Not To Look & Feel Like Crap When Sleeping In A Recliner

I hope it doesn’t happen, but there may be a time when you find yourself sleeping in a recliner in a hospital. That being said, there is an art to staying overnight in a chair in a hospital room and I’m here to break it down for you:

1. Never ever let your feet touch the hospital floor. #Ick During the day, it’s a good idea to wear rubber flipflops (I prefer Haviannas.) because you can wash them – either by hand or in the machine at home. At night, you definitely need a pair of warm socks because it’s freezing and everyone knows you lose a lot of body heat thru your feet.

2. Again, it’s freezing there, especially at night. Make sure you have those warm socks and a sweatshirt. Mine is a hoodie from the men’s dept at J.Crew. And I know I made the right choice buying it because my niece Brianna ran out and bought the same exact one after seeing mine.

3. Just because you’re sleeping in a recliner that doesn’t mean you should slack on skincare. No rinse face wipes are the solution. I’ve tried most of the ones on the market right now and Say Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes are the only ones that don’t make my face break out or sting my eyes. #HighlyRecommend

* If (like me) you’re nursing a heavy duty I-Phone addiction, you may also want to bring your phone charger, so you have enough battery power to keep checking your FB, Instagram & Twitter repeatedly throughout the night.