Do You Have Bad Fitting Room Etiquette?

Rag & Bone Fitting Rooms, Photo Courtesy Of Pinterest

Rag & Bone Fitting Rooms, Photo Courtesy Of Pinterest

Practically everything I’ve read about shopping smarter mentions the importance of making friends with a salesperson at your fav store. The reasoning being that as a friend, he or she is more likely to loop you the shopper in to upcoming markdowns and other neat stuff. As someone who worked in retail for beaucoup years, I will say that this is absolutely 100% TRUE. You might be surprised, however, at how many people don’t quite know how to go about cultivating these special ‘retail relationships’. In fact, they do things that are downright unfriendly, including having Bad Fitting Room Etiquette.

What’s that you ask?

It’s simple really. One of the major signs that you suffer from this is if you make a habit of leaving the clothes you try on (and subsequently reject) all over the fitting room floor. As a sales person, few things are as disheartening as opening the door to a recently vacated dressing room and seeing everything carelessly tossed on the floor. Inside and out. Rolled up in a ball on the floor. Sometimes damaged. As a shopper, it sends a definite message to your sales person that you don’t value them, their help or the merchandise. #HowRude #BleepYou

Other Bad Behaviors: Getting foundation or lipstick all over everything or snapping at your salesperson because those size 6 jeans aren't zipping (Not their fault!).

The first step to turning bad etiquette into good is recognizing that there's a problem. With that in mind, let me say right now that if this blog can turn just one person with bad fitting room etiquette around, then I’ll feel I’ve made a difference. #Wink

Photo Courtesy: Rag and Bone Fitting Room photo, Pinterest