Foiled Again: When I Finally Fixed My Hair



The time had come.

For a haircut.

After looking at a few candid shots from an interview we did for the blog last week (with an amazing and talented hairdresser, writer and running aficionado I know), I realized that my hair needed some serious help.

In the bright sunlight, it looked pretty dark and pretty long. Uh, oh.

Remember I had not had my hair cut (or otherwise altered) for at least 6 weeks, mostly due to the fact that my mom has been sick for the 2nd half of the summer and my sister also happens to be my hairdresser. (Full Disclosure: Only 2 other people have ever cut my hair in my entire life.) After announcing in the hospital that her own hair made her look old, my sister cut it to her shoulders while mine remained long. Sigh.

Today, she finally chopped off at least 2 inches and put foils (with bleach) in and I gotta say I haven’t felt this good about my hair in a while. Yes, #ChangeIsGood

Maybe I’ll even run out and buy that $150 Agave Healing Vapor (straightening) Iron I’ve been eyeing at Sephora now? Btw, my sister also warned today me that as a blogger, I need to keep my hair looking perfect (aka, smooth and straightened) every single day. She even insulted my recent go-to style – the lazy ponytail. Who knew there was going to be this kind of pressure about appearance working in the blogosphere? (Keep seeing that term, so thought I’d sneak it in here.)


Got any good stories about haircuts or other ways you’ve altered your hair? Share them in the comments.