Haircuts & Car Selfies



My niece Nicole says I look like a new person and me? I gotta agree with her.

Key lessons I’ve learned post cut and color?

• Don’t be afraid of scissors and a little bleach – They are potentially life changing when in the right hands. In other words, choose your stylist carefully.

• Invest in a pair of quality sunglasses – This way when you run to your massage @ Blue Sky, you can forgo makeup of any kind and still be able to take a decent selfie. The shades should also compliment your new haircut and color. I think mine do even though I bought them when my hair was much longer and darker. (Got ‘em @ OPTX, of Game Of Crowns fame, which I cannot seem to stop watching on Bravo On Demand lately. #GuiltyPleasure)

• Car selfies are a lot harder to take than you might think. Mine is a #nomakeup one, but of course, I filtered it. At least, I’m honest about it: Truthfully, I’m highly suspicious of anything labeled #nomakeup or #nofilter on Instagram these days, but maybe that’s just something I need to work on, ya know?