Bad Break-Ups & Banana Republic Sale Shopping

BR Tank Tops

BR Tank Tops

Was on my way to grab a coffee in GC (That’s Garden City, Cranston, RI.) earlier this afternoon when I popped into Banana Republic.

Now, BR and I do have a past – I bought almost all my clothes there back in the early to mid 90’s. I probably spent most of my paychecks at BR back then. (I actually worked for another retailer in GC at the time.)

Then we had a bad breakup (Don’t recall exactly why – I tend to block out stuff like that.) and I started shopping elsewhere.

Well, full disclosure, I started shopping at BR again earlier this year (Holding a grudge is toxic ya know!) – first, buying some shoes and later, super flattering tanks. The straps fit me perfectly without any alterations. Don’t laugh. Tom Ford has admitted that he has all the Hanes t’s he wears for casual altered.

Today I bought more of those same tanks: They were on sale for $14.99. How could I not?

SaleShopping is, after all, one of the great joys in life.

True Confession: I cannot bring myself to do any serious fall shopping when it’s 85 degrees outside. As it was today. That's why I say NOW is the best time to go out and scoop up some amazing summer merchandise on sale.