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My Lunch At Camille's

My Lunch At Camille's

Was reading Boobs & Loubs, Morgan Stewart’s (of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills fame) blog yesterday and she was making quite the big deal about how much fun it is to pronounce the word Margherita.

OK, I kind of get that, but I think Gnocchi is way more fun to say.

And speaking of gnocchi, I had some delicious gnocchi (split an order of them as well as some salmon, sauté spinach AND champagne) at the iconic Camille’s earlier today with fellow Rich Kids and Morgan Stewart fan Brianna. Brianna helped me this morning with a major surprise that we’re unveiling when we launch at the end of September (Sept 22nd to be exact). Really appreciate everything she did – except for the part when she chastised me for being on my phone while the waiter told us the specials. Hey, I was uploading a pix of myself to Instagram, ok?