It's Complicated: How I Shop @ Anthro

A Selection Of Pilcro Jeans At Anthropologie 

A Selection Of Pilcro Jeans At Anthropologie 

As I’ve said before, if you’re going to shop at Anthropologie, you really should refer to it as Anthro – at least that’s what my 20something nieces tell me.

The other day, I was back at Anthro with one of my nieces. Browsing. Anthro is tailor made for browsing btw because the merchandising is so innovative, eclectic and inspiring. In fact, they were one of the first stores to boldly display their gift-y items alongside their clothing, a move that’s since been co-opted by so many other retailers.

Yup, I am an Anthro fan, but I do have issues with shopping there. Guess you could say #ItsComplicated.

My primary issue? NOT wanting to look too boho because on me, boho does not translate well. Instead of boho chic (Think Sienna Miller or Drew Barrymore before she married Will Kopelman), on me, it comes off as hippy dippy. Think Janis Joplin. I must therefore avoid their extensive selection of floral prints, flowy tops and long diaphanous skirts. Love, love, love all of that on other people (I’ve been a Stevie Nicks fan since age 8.), but on me, it all looks much too retro and Woodstock-y.

One thing I do buy like crazy? The Pilcro jeans which I’d never even heard of until I started shopping there a few years back. They’re awesome if you want a skinnier cut without an annoyingly low rise. (Don’t hate on me but I do like to be able to bend or sit without showing my butt.) And they’re not at all crunchy granola. I recently bought 2 pairs – a skinny straight leg in a light wash as well as a darker skinny ankle  – that I’ve been pretty much living in. That's why I'm calling this the summer of the skinny jean.