If You Can't Get To NYFW, Part 2

If (like me) you can’t get to NYFW, don’t get too bummed out. Here are a few things you can do (regardless of where you are) to simulate the experience of being there:

1. Drink lots and lots of coffee – extra points if it’s from Starbucks – and only eat snacks that you can carry around in your (preferably designer) handbag – I like the GO RAW Granola bars. You’ll see them in this next photo. #Wink

2. Along with your snacks, carry around either a style guide or a book by the irreverent and iconic Simon Doonan, the current creative ambassador at large for Barney’s NYC. That tells everyone that first of all, you know who Simon Doonan is (You’d be surprised at how many people don’t.) and most importantly, share his cheeky sense of humor.

3. Get these Cynthia Rowley Band Aids. I first discovered them at a local CVS a year or 2 ago and then, (horrors!) when I went back for more, I found that they no longer carried them. Thankfully, I found them again recently at Target and bought up a few boxes.


Wear the one above (with the illustration of dozens of runway models on it) this week. That tells everyone you meet that you know exactly what NYFW is and that YOU should by right be there. #NextYear

Photo Courtesy: Cynthia Rowley Band Aids photo, Pinterest