In Praise Of Mom Jeans And Chuck Taylors

Maybe I woke up on the cranky side of the bed this morning, but remember the days before ‘styling’ was a verb and stars like Drew Barrymore wore mom jeans and Chuck Taylors to events? In retrospect, those were good days because at least, you had a chance to see some personality in the way everyone put themselves together. Nowadays it seems like everyone is way too put together and yes, homogenized. #Yawn And instead of who they’re wearing (RIP Joan Rivers!), we’re hearing all about who they’re wearing and who their stylist is. 

Nothing against stylists – I have all Rachel Zoe’s books and was one for a hot minute (No lie, I still run into people who thank me profusely for helping them shop and get dressed,), but today I’m nostalgic for the days of people shopping for themselves – off the rack – and making lots of mistakes or quite possibly, killing it: That’s what I call having #PersonalStyle.

Photo Courtesy: Drew Barrymore photo, Pinterest