Cocktails & Big Brother Problems

From Nautika

From Nautika

Last night, we all went to Nautika for their last weekend of the season and ate and drank copious amounts.

Gotta admit it was fun although I couldn’t wear my new suede pointy toe shoes because it was pouring rain. (Again, the best flat or high heel to wear with jeans is a pointy toe.) Instead I had to wear my purely functional and not terribly fashionable canvas slip-ons from Urban Outfitters.

The new shoes I couldn't wear

The new shoes I couldn't wear

It’s also a good thing I had a few cocktails because my brother Doug spent most of last night:

• telling anyone and everyone within ear shot that I’m 50 years old. Not that there’s anything wrong with being 50 (I swear!), but the fact is I am nowhere near there.

• taking random unflattering pix of me on his I-Phone and threatening to post them on his FB and Twitter

• telling the valet that I am his older sister

Maybe this is his way of trying to make sure I stay humble?

Or not.


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