Pumpkin Latte Shaming

Had lunch with my good friend D. yesterday at a restaurant in my old neighborhood in Providence – West Broadway, also known as, the Armory District. Btw, my mom was a big community activist back in the 1970’s and 80’s who helped organize what would become known as WB or the Armory District. When I lived there though, it wasn’t cool and it definitely wasn’t hip. No pixie girls with bleach blonde hair or Chris Cornell wanna-be’s roaming the streets. That’s for sure. I actually had a ‘friend’ drop me off after school one day and say ‘I didn’t know you lived here?’ (Strong emphasis on the word here and her tone was definitely disappointed and judgemental.) #FakeFriends

I live in the ‘burbs now. (Not sure if that’s ever been cool. It probably never has.) And for the record, I do own multiple pairs of yoga pants, but I do not drink pumpkin spice lattes. Drinking and posting about those has suddenly become code for being a bland suburbanite I guess. (Isn’t it funny how something spicy has become linked to utter blandness?) So, again, I’m a Providence native – Born and raised in a tenement in the 02909 thank you very much – and a latte purist – no syrups or spices in my coffee thank you. Very much.

Besides, do you know how many grams of sugar are in one of those things? #SugarIsVeryAging

Photo Courtesy: Quote photo, Pinterest