Business Meetings, Bed Head Hair & Blue Jeans

When you’re a blogger, it’s perfectly ok to go to a business meeting (where everyone else is in suits and shift dresses), wearing blue jeans and bed head hair, so long as you also incorporate other things like this:

1. A Striped Shirt from J.Crew – Nothing says business more than pin thin stripes. And a striped button up is probably the next best thing to a navy blue pin stripe suit, which I have absolutely no desire to wear these days. #IWouldRatherDie

Speaking of which, an old friend of mine recently told me how she trashed all her suits, pantyhose, pumps, etc. to celebrate leaving her bank job for something much more creative. I can relate.

2. Pointy toe flats from Ivanka Trump’s namesake line of shoes – Didn’t she appear on The Apprentice with her dad, The Donald? She most certainly did. And wasn’t that show all about running businesses, board meetings and firing people? (So) What says business meeting appropriate more than something from Ivanka’s line? Nothing.

And finally…

3. Chanel tortoise eyeglasses from OPTX – Tortoise glasses announce to the world that you are smart and business minded even though you tend to obsess over and write blogs about lipstick and kitten heels. To paraphrase Sofia Coppola, you can enjoy frivolous things (like lipstick and kitten heels), but that doesn’t make you a fool.

Or something like that.

Photo Courtesy: Sofia Coppola Quote photo, Pinterest