Btw, Katie Holmes & I Use The Same Shampoo

My Bottle Of Caviar RX Shampoo

My Bottle Of Caviar RX Shampoo

A friend recently challenged me on FB to list all of the things I’m grateful for. Instead of posting on FB and talking about the usual (family, friends, their health), I’m blogging and giving you all the style, beauty and coffee related things that made me smile this week (things that if listed on FB, some people might call shallow and superficial):

• Finding a pair of Jimmy Choo kitten heels in my closet that I'd forgotten all about and that I bought for almost 75% off the regular price!

• Visiting Sephora and walking out spending only $33  (OK, it was on shampoo, but it’s an incredible shampoo endorsed by the uber stylish Katie Holmes that I swear keeps my hair looking so much healthier.)

• Finding an old Starbucks gift card with a balance on it in my wallet earlier today #ILive4Lattes


What are some of the things that you’re grateful for, but would not list in the gratitude challenge on FB for fear of being thought shallow and superficial? PJSS wants to know.