Jeans, Skirts & Joan Rivers

Gap was in full 40% off the entire store mode yesterday, so I begged B. and N. to go with me to the Garden City location. I was on a mission, in search of a pair of cut-off denim shorts that were neither too long nor too booty short. They didn’t have anything like that though because first of all, I don’t think such a thing exists. Secondly, it was Labor Day Weekend (Summer’s last hurrah) and at that point, the selection of summer clothing is usually abysmal.

Truth be told, I did find a pair of straight leg jeans and a faded denim skirt, which B. and N. both passionately disapproved of. They even gave me the stink eye when I was trying the skirt on. (I thought it looked cute. Errrr, I mean flattering. And it just so happens to combine my old love – pencil skirts – with my new one – denim.) N. also smugly informed me that ‘on Fashion Police, Joan Rivers said denim skirts haven’t been in for ten years’. Now, I’m a huge Joan fan (and am praying for her recovery), but I had to go against Joan (and them) and buy it because I think it’s such a sweet alternative to shorts. And summer may be O-V-E-R in a sense, but I predict lots of hot weather for September. #ClimateChange

PS – Kudos to Gap for using Angelica Huston in their new campaign. I couldn’t help but notice a gigantic shot of Angelica, looking pretty chic, behind the checkout at the GC store. #Icon