RI Style Diaries: Summer Weddings & My Shopaholic Past

Michael, My Sister & Me

Michael, My Sister & Me

Had a fantastic time last night at the wedding of Gianna Vessella and Nikko Petropoulos at Aldrich Mansion. I’d never been there before and was pretty impressed with how elegant it all was.

All in all, Gianna and Nico had a fairy tale kind of wedding and are madly in love. That makes me happy!

But you know what else makes me happy? Being able to actually wear my red & silver Simon Sibbag necklace as well as my black striped Banana Republic clutch – both #NeverWorn.

You see when I used to work in a mall and was feeling stressed (a lot of the time #Wink) I’d walk around on my lunch break (or after work) and buy tons of stuff to try to make myself feel better. My rationale being that if I looked stylish every day that would make me happier. Some days it worked.

As a result, I now have closets full of clothes, shoes and bags, most of which I rarely wear anymore- just ask Brianna who went thru my California Closet yesterday and announced that to anyone within earshot. (She’s definitely not shy.)

Getting back to my accessories from last night...I know I made the right choice because my friend Michael came up to me when my sister and I got to the reception and said he loved my outfit and that it had ‘just enough red’. (I also had on my red J.Crew pumps.)

One more thing you should know – Michael knows good style!