RI Confidential: The Time I Got Spray Tanned

I was super nervous as Brianna and I headed over to Glistening Goddesses (which had been recommended by a bunch of people we know and is also the place where lots of famous RI'ers get their spray tan on #Wink) for our spray tan appointments today. Once we got there though, Cassandra was so nice that I actually started to relax.

After we had filled out our paperwork, Brianna (the braver of the 2 of us) opted to go first. I waited in the seating area, checking in on FB and posting a pix to Instagram. #GottaStayConnected About 15 minutes later, she emerged from behind the curtains looking tan, not at all orange and glowing.

When it was my turn, I remained calm (It's a little unnerving to have to get naked in front of someone you just met ten minutes ago, but again, Cassandra was cool about it. I mean she's seen it all before, right?) and I feel like everything went really well. The tan is still setting, so I don’t have an after pix yet, but I do have a few tips for any spray tan novices out there:

1. Exfoliate like crazy beforehand, especially if, like me, you don’t go to town daily with the scrubs and body lotions. (I used Java Skin Care’s Body Scrub. It does a swell job.)

2. Skip the body lotions, creams, perfumes and makeup of any kind on the day of. Your skin needs to be completely bare for the spray to do it’s stuff properly.

3. Wear loose clothing. This is not the time for yoga pants, leggings (Aren't they the same thing?) or the skinny jeans. (Brianna and I both wore blk maxi skirts and cotton t’s.)

4. If possible, opt for the Express (Spray) Tan. It’s $10 more than the Original (priced at $25), but it only takes 2-6 hours to dry. The Original takes a full 10-12 hours and who wants to wait that long? To quote Ms. Sweet Brown, ain't nobody got time for that.

PS - I was so happy with how my tan turned out that I went and bought myself a brand new pair of jorts. 

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Patty J


Photo Credits: Two interior photos of GG in North PVD courtesy of their IG account.