New Year, New Pimples? We Got You!

Here are a few reasons why your skin might be breaking out right now:

  • Brownie bites from Whole Foods are still brownies. Same goes for chips, cookies and ice cream. 
  • You broke your 'I Won't Drink More Than 2 Coffees A Day' Rule. Every day for the last 2 months. 
  • You realize you've been washing your face in the shower with conditioner, NOT face wash. (Long story)

Not here to get all judge-y on you.

Here to say I've been there and I got you!

Listen, one of my not-so-secret remedies for getting rid pimples FAST is GlamGlow Super Mud. I discovered it last winter at the Sephora at the Boca (Raton) Mall while visiting my mom in FLA. #GlamGlowYouTheMud

My only beef with the folks at GG is that they need to offer a larger size jar. Imagine how surprised I was when I opened the white and silver box and upwrapped all the packaging on the inside - so much packaging - that first time and saw the jar. WTH?!?!

It worked so well though that now, I always keep a jar on hand, just in case my skin starts acting up. Which usually happens whenever I drink too much coffee and not enough water. (Same goes for too many sweets btw.) Or use anything - cleansers, blotting papers or makeup - on my face that contains mineral oil. Or don't get enough sleep. (See, all those interviews with celebs where they say drinking water and plenty of sleep are their tried and true beauty secrets are NOT complete BS after all.)

And I recommend it to anyone who complains about their skin to me. Sometimes I even give my jar to them. (See - I'm not completely selfish and self-centered! Not all the time anyway.)

With all of that in mind, you can understand then why I jumped off my couch after seeing the full page Sephora ad (in this month's InStyle, the one with Jen Aniston on the cover) yesterday, the one featuring NEW face washes and including....GLAMGLOW SUPERCLEANSE.

They have a cleanser now?!?! Knew I needed to buy and try it b/c the mask is certifiably AMAZING.

So off I went to my local neighborhood Sephora, credit and VIB Rouge cards in hand, to pick up it up, along with another jar of the Super Mud. (Gave mine to someone in need. Again.)

If your skin is really acting up, you could use this cleanser every day. It starts out as a mud consistency and then gets creamier. You might make a mess with it, but it'll be worth it. Because what's better than clear skin? Nothing, that's what.

Or, if you want to keep it as part of your emergency kit, for when your face looks like it might break out, you could do that too. Tip: Whether your face is prone to acne or severe dryness or whatever, you need to have a survival kit ready for any skin related emergencies. It sure beats sulking or worse, crying at home.

Oh and yes, that is a NuFace Trinity sitting on my bathroom counter. It's definitely an investment purchase (around $395), but it's the best thing for anyone trying to delay (or avoid) the Botox and fillers.  Because quite honestly, I've seen some pretty good Botox, but I've also seen a few who've overdone it. And the latter scares the heck out of me. **Shudders**

NuFace uses something called micro current technology to make your face look BETTER (aka, smoother, more toned and tighter for starters). I know it works b/c Brianna told me at the family dinner on New Year's Day that my face looked awesome. And for all you 20somethings laughing because it looks like it could be a vibrator or something, talk to me in another 10-20 years, k?