January Survival Kit: The TwentySomething Edition

January isn't all about resolutions, gym memberships and juice cleanses. If you live in RI (or anywhere else on the East Coast for that matter), you know it's more about surviving the Arctic blasts of cold and snow. 

Here are some ways, courtesy of the twentysomethings at PattyJ.com, that we can all be cozier, cuter, and MORE current this month:


1. Cozier: Keeping Your Feet Warm


Keeping your feet warm - indoors or out - is key this time of year. These slippers are perfect for that and you MIGHT even be able to wear them to the market on that pre-blizzard milk and bread run. Tip: Nicole puts hers in the drawer for a few minutes before wearing them to give her feet a boost of warmth. (Not too long or on too high of a heat setting now folks!) 


These light slip-on's are not only super cute, but very comfortable too. Brianna prefers them in the color 'Fire'. You have the option of wearing these outside, but Brianna prefers to only wear slippers inside, so the soles don't get dirty. Tip: Wear socks because any shoes or slippers you purchase will eventually smell like stinky feet!


2. Cuter: Flawless Skin


The girls (Nicole and Gracie) swear by this stuff. Because, as I've said before, nothing ruins your day (at any time of the year) MORE than a pimple. I'm a huge fan of GlamGlow Mud, but according to them, this budget beauty buy - available at most drugstores - is the best way to zap that zit that threatens to ruin your Thurs., Fri., or Sat. night plans.

SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5 or 1.0 will dry that pimple out in no time. Brianna uses this as an overnight spot treatment and says "Don't go overboard because a little goes a long way." This can be purchased at the Biltmore Spa in Providence or online at SkinCeuticals.com


3. Tech: Fav App's


Nicole has been telling me all week about how close she is to earning Gold Star status on her Starbucks App. Jealous! If only I hadn't abandoned using mine last year... Apparently, Gold Star status gives you all kinds of cool stuff like a free drink on your birthday and more. 


This is by far the best app ever invented. If you don't have an account you need one - NOW. You can search literally anything and pin your inspirations to the desired board. You can even upload pictures to share with the Pinterest community.  (Note: Brianna made several boards on Pinterest for me when I was getting ready to launch this blog.)


4. Hot: Sauce

Frank's Red Hot is a go-to for anyone under 30. They're putting it on everything from eggs to tuna sandwiches to pasta to what-have-you. Seriously. And Brianna actually evaluates a restaurant based on whether or not they have Frank's on hand. No kidding. (She once told someone who runs an extremely popular local restaurant that the way to IMPROVE their business was by having Frank's on all the tables. She may have already had a cocktail or 2 when she said that, but I digress.)


5. Cozier: Comfort Pants


Gap Body has the best leggings. They look great and they're also comfortable and affordable. When they run their 40% Off Everything (in the store) or another kind of promo (the other day they had $15 off all their leggings), you can get them for less than $60 a pair. What a deal!

These can be worn as gym pants or leggings and are super comfortable. Spaced Performance Leggings can be purchased on Anthropologie.com. I bought my first pair this past month and it has been my best purchase ever since. 


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Ciao for Now, 


Patty J