RI Restaurant Stories: The Pizza And Hot Chocolate Edition

In Providence the other night, killing time before a dinner reservation at  Bacaro. (Best grilled margarita pizza there hands down btw. I could live on it every day for the next ten years.)

Decided to wear a tweed cape I'd bought at a trunk show about 5 or 6 years ago. Because I thought it looked fashion blogger-ish. 

One thing you should know before you run out and buy a cape: You'll probably have women stopping you in the produce section of the market, telling you how much they absolutely LOVE it. Always a plus. An ego boost, confirming that maybe, just maybe you do have some style after all.

The other side of the coin? Capes - this one in particular - are NOT warm. No way. No sir. No how. So don't wear one out on a night when it's in the single digits and snowing.

Another thing I should warn you about - If you have an older brother who lives to make fun of you, do NOT wear one around him. Especially not a tweed one. If you do, he will repeat "Elementary My Dear Watson" over and over again the entire night. #NoShitSherlock #JustSayin

So there I was freezing my *ss off in Providence. Fancy tweed cape and all. Speaking of all, no complaints about the Kooba bag I also wore the other night. Got it at Scoop in the Meat Packing District in NYC, around the same time I picked up the cape (because sometimes even I get sick of carrying black bags around). 

PattyJ Shopping Tip: If you're debating whether or not to buy a bag, always do the 'shoulder tuck test'. In other words, are you able to pull the strap (or handle) over your shoulder and then, tuck the bag itself under your shoulder? (See pix below.) I mean are you really going to want to carry the bag in your hand (or on your wrist) all the time? #NoYouAreNot

PS - The Kooba passes the test, but you cannot carry any bag under your arm when you're wearing a cape. Another drawback. Sheeeeesh.  I bet other fashion-y bloggers don't tell you truth nuggets like that!


Now about that hot chocolate.

What should you do on a cold snowy night in PVD when you find yourself wearing a cape and freezing your Pure Barre *ss off?

Wickenden St on that cold snowy night

Wickenden St on that cold snowy night

Don't know about you, but I decided to duck into the Coffee Exchange on Wickenden for a hot chocolate. 

True Story: In the past, I've had hot chocolate at other places (that shall remain anonymous) that's been too sugary and gotten terrible stomach aches. Not a good scene.

And that made me kinda sorta hot chocolate phobic.

Maybe it was the snow or the deep freeze the other night, but I suddenly had a serious craving for some hot chocolate. 🔥🍫

The Verdict? Some of the best hot chocolate I've had in ages. It wasn't too sugary or too strong or too bitter. You know how DISAPPOINTING all of that can be...Sad face. 😔

It was just right papa bear. 

In other words, I could live on it every day or at least for the rest of this winter.