Life With Louie: Time for Training & Tips For Surviving It All

Louie sure is totes adorbs.

Louie in his new jacket from PetCo - This is his first time seeing and walking on snow.

Louie in his new jacket from PetCo - This is his first time seeing and walking on snow.

No argument there.

I mean he doesn't take a bad pix.

Two Words: Tres Photogenic

He even sits, stays and gives you his paw. (He's smaaaaaaaart.)

He does, however, need some basic training in, shall we say (**clears throat**), other areas.

Problem #1: He enjoys chewing on shoes. A little too much.

Chomping On Someone's Sneaker

Chomping On Someone's Sneaker

Problem #2: He pees often and everywhere.

Here he is chewing on a pee pee pad. Oy vey.

Here he is chewing on a pee pee pad. Oy vey.

Needless to say, we've spent countless hours telling him things like  "Bad Chew!" or "Nooooo!!!" as well as cleaning up his many, many, MANY accidents.

So he's a work in progress. For sure.

But that's no excuse (for us or anyone) to look dumpy, frumpy or schlumpy. Training a GoldenDoodle or any other puppy? You too can still look totes adorbs if you follow these road tested recommendations:

1. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sweetie) Beauty

Trapped in the house training a dog? Exhausted? Annoyed? And running out of paper towels? 

We can symparthize. Totally. Still it's no reason to slack off beauty wise. All you need is one pump of Perricone's No Foundation Foundation (now available in Fair to Light shade. And don't forget their other original formula for light to medium tones. You can even mix the two if you're feeling creative or always dreamed of being a makeup artist.) along with a few swipes of the Tinted Lip Treatment by Fresh. We like Petal (shown here) and Rose, but they offer a bunch of shades, from subtle to bold. In a pinch, you could also use this as a blush. Would we lie to you? No, NEVER. 

Then finish up with a quick spritz or two of the Soothing Face Mist (aka, rosewater spray) from Glossier.



True Story: I'd dismissed the Soothing Face Mist, probably that same day I got my Phase I kit in the mail from Glossier, as 'Not For Me'. I thought (mistakenly) it was something only for either extremely dry or extremely irritated skin. Boy was I wrong! Now, Glossier recommends using it to prep your face before makeup, but I say it's perfect to use as a final step, after you've put on all your makeup. So that your skin doesn't scream 'I'm Wearing Makeup Dammit!' It takes any made up face to a slightly glossy look, instead of the always dreadful cake-y or fake one. Try it. 

2. Keep The Rest Casual (aka, Cas, Cajj or Cazh) 

Nic and Louie

Nic and Louie

If your puppy is chewing on everything from shoes to scarves to the sleeves of all your sweaters, the magic word is sweatshirts.

And stash your shoes ASAP - Don't wait!

The one Nicole is wearing in the pix above is one of my all time favs. I originally bought it last summer when my mom was in the hospital. (Hospitals are freezing cold, in case you're wondering.) It's J.Crew with one * - It's from their Men's department. Funny thing is that once Brianna saw mine (and how nicely it looked, was made), she wanted one too. (I swear it's NOT at all too-big-oversized-sloppy looking.) Now, Nicole is wearing it. 

And that's exactly how a trend catches fire.

PS - Btw, the J.Crew Women's Sweat Pant that I bought last month is actually kickass.

Sorry Karl and for what I said in a previous blog.

They're kind of like what you would get if old time-y sweat pants married 21st century leggings and they had a baby. Their offspring would be this Skinny Trouser Sweatpant.

It's a more streamlined and stylish take on the old time-y sweatpant, so it won't make you look bottom heavy as those tend to do. I thought they looked so flattering that I wore mine out of the house (**Gasp**) and over to Whole Foods this past weekend. Need more proof than that? Both my sister and Brianna kept asking where I got them - in a good way. As a rule, they're both more legging than sweat pant people, so that's really saying something major. 

the pants

the pants

Smiley Face,