C'mon Get Healthy: Quit Whining About Working Out

But whatever you do, don't quit working out!

To get you to stick with it, we have some serious workout and workout style inspiration today from Anthony L. Sanders, a founding member of the Providence based running group We Run This Town. Maybe you remember him from our video blog last year? (Click here to see it now.) 

Anthony's a family man, an all around good guy and a major motivational force to so many people. Here are a few of his favorite mantras to keep everyone in WRTT (aka, We Run This Town.) moving forward:

1. Hustle Hard, Keep It Moving - No Excuses!

2. Talk it! Rep it! Live it!

3. Don’t Talk About It, Be About It!

4. Rest When You Get Home

5. Yeaaaaaah Mannnnnnnnnnnn

If that doesn't make you want to hang in there and maybe even take up running (and join WRTT while you're at it), then I don't know what will. Full Disclosure: WRTT's mission goes beyond running. It also partners with other organizations and charities in Providence to make a difference in the community as a whole.

But wait, there's more...

Like his mantra, Anthony doesn't just talk about it, he is about it - even in how he puts himself together. In other words, his enthusiasm and (dare I say) positive energy about everything (from his running to working hard at his day job to being a great husband and father) come thru in his personal style. He isn't afraid of bright colors when it comes to what he wears to run. In fact, he loves them. I mean come on, how many of us wear the same old same boring t-shirts and sneakers to exercise? #Yawn And studies have shown that the more boring your workout clothes, the less likely you are to stick with that commitment you made to get off your butt and work out this year. I swear that's true. Now, here's some serious style inspiration for you from Anthony himself. Take a look:

When I asked Anthony for his style rules, he said he only has one: Rock It YOUR Way! Yeah, that sounds about right. #MakeItYourOwn

And his favorite style saying? Style has no price tag. Agreed. Repeat after me - Money cannot buy style. It may buy labels, but not style. That's a completely different thing. 

Something else you should know? Anthony does all the designs for the We Run This Town gear. Yes, there are some VERY cool clothing options you should check out. To give you an idea, here are a few of the WRTT offerings from 2014:

Are you inspired yet? Motivated? Ready to put down the Netflix and that I-Pad and go for a run???

(I) hope so. #Wink

What's that? You say you're interested in learning more about Anthony and We Run This Town (WRTT)? Go for it. By all means. Here's all their info:

Email: WeRunThisTown401@gmail.com

Telephone: 401-400-2043

Twitter: @we_RunThisTown

Instagram: WeRunThisTown401

Webpage: www.werunthistown401@gmail.com


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of the Anthony L. Sanders and We Run This Town Facebook Pages.