8 Things To Copycat To Improve Your Daily Commute

Today's blog is by one of our fav commuters who logs an average of anywhere from 15 to 20+ hours a week on the road, traveling back and forth to her job. These are her no BS, practical tips for adding some fun to your commute and maybe even making it seem a little shorter.  

On The Train:

1. Social Media: Because what's better than being on social media when no one else is (because they're all probably still in bed)? Don't Instagram at 5 am - you won't get any likes!

2. Text People Until Someone Answers: Didn't anyone ever teach you NOT to give up? I literally harass my family and friends until one of them texts back.

3. Bring A Book Or Newspaper: Makes the commute go by faster (Only if you can get lost in an actual book tho - I can't figure out how people get lost in comics. Yes, I see that way too often.)

4. Make A Train Friend: It'll change your life: Shout out to Dale! And ask Dale, I never shut up - the rides go by so much faster.

5. Go On Pinterest And Read Inspirational Quotes To Make You Feel Better About Why You're Commuting 3+ Hours A Day: Yes, you could say I have tried passing the time by pinning Bible verses: 'God, please help me get a job making an effin ton of money...or help me hit the lottery.'

*If you don't want anyone talking to you on the train, put your headphones in - "Like yo bro, relax, its 6 am."

**When the train is so crowded you have to stand on top of one another, sweating and you wonder why the F you do it everyday and pay over $300 a month for the privilege - just take a deep breathe and tell yourself it's only X amount of days till the weekend (drinks) and payday (shopping)!


In The Car

1. A Funny Pod Cast: Like Kevin Hart or just a straight jam (and than watch people look at you like you're either going through a crazy breakup or you want to mash a window #nobuddy #iamjustjammin)

2. An XL Coffee From Your Favorite Place: For the car only, NOT the train because you won't want to use the bathrooms! (So much so that you avoid drinking anything for hours before your next trip - THIS IS TRUE, TAKE MY ADVICE !!!)

3. A Fully Charged Phone Battery: Of course we know that texting and driving are life    threatening, but (there's still) navigation, music, calls, just about anything...Your phone is such an important part of your life - Thats what i say! #wink 

*There's really nothing else you can do in the car...Sorry





Did we miss anything? What are some of your tips and tricks for a smoother commute? Let us know in the comments below. 


Photo Credits: Pictures of the Train Station in PVD are courtesy of Google Images. Nicole Richie, wine and traffic memes courtesy of the Pinterest App.