Straight Outta Little Compton

Thanks to a friend I had dinner with recently at Chez Pascal (which on that particular night felt like something out of a Woody Allen movie. Coincidentally, we later found out that Woody had actually rented that space out to use as a waiting area of sorts for his extras, while filming Irrational Man on the East Side last year.), and the Maps App on my I-Phone (My saving grace. Never would've made it over the Braga Bridge and back yesterday without it.), today I have highlights from the East Bay. Little Compton and Tiverton specifically. And for the FB friend who private messaged me a few days ago: See - I do blog about places other than PVD!

1. Walker's Roadside Stand

I'm a little late to the party on this one, but gotta say that I'm loving how much you can buy for so little at local farm stands. In fact, I was saying this to my friend Carolyn, during that dinner in PVD I mentioned in the intro, and she told me I had to go to Walker's ASAP. (Note: When Carolyn tells me I should do something, I usually do it because she's one of those people who ends up being spot on about pretty much everything.) So, yesterday, finally made it over to Walker's Roadside Stand and it did not disappoint. Beautiful. Bucolic. Lots of pumpkins sitting on top of rock walls. RI scenic at its Instagram worthy best. (Yes, you will find the two photos above on IG with the hashtag PattyJDotCom. In case you were wondering.) And "they" were even having a sale on pumpkins and other seasonal October-ish items. Attn Sale Shoppers.

2. The Cafe & Tasting Room At Sakonnet 

True Story: I hadn't been back to Carolyn's Sakonnet Vineyard in ages. Not since it was known just as Sakonnet actually. (The Carolyn in the new name refers not to the friend I had dinner with at Chez, but none other than Carolyn Rafaelian, the woman behind one of RI's biggest manufacturing and retail success stories, Alex And Ani, known for their signature charm bracelets that people buy and wear on their wrists by the dozens and more.) But before you get all judge-y on me, know that I'm trying to make amends by telling you how great it is and why you should go. Right now. First of all, it's just chilly enough to walk the grounds, without getting all Infrared Sauna sweaty or freezing your butt off. Later, you can duck inside for a glass, or two, of wine. Unfortunately, I had to stick to ginger ale (and a panini) yesterday, what with being the designated driver and all. Bummer. 

3. Gray's Ice Cream 

Add Gray's to your bucket list of local ice cream places to try. It's legendary, iconic, and may-jor. It's the sorta place, open 365 days a year and offering a laundry list of classic, homemade flavors, that everyone talks about when listing their East Bay favorites. (You've probably seen it in more than a few of the "My RI Life" features that run on this blog every Tuesday.) So, naturally, I had to stop for a scoop of chocolate. And bring home a pint or two. 


Ciao For Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of the PattyJDotCom Instagram, except for the Gray's sign, which was found via Google Images.