RI Restaurant Stories: The Pizza Pie Edition

If you're a fan of pizza (and who the heck isn't? Frankly, I don't trust anyone who says they don't like pizza.), here's a special non-scientific and purely subjective rundown of some of our favorite pies in the Ocean State right now. Did yours make the list? Read on to find out.


If You Have To Wine And Dine Someone But Really Just Want A Kick-Ass (Grilled) Pizza: Take them to Al Forno or Bacaro (Btw: The Chef at Bacaro came over from Al Forno.). If you can get a table. Both spots book up super fast! True Story: The boss I enjoyed working for most, back in my old retail life, used to take all the big shot executives from 'the home office' to Al Forno whenever they were in PVD for a visit, aka, to check up on things. (After I'd left that company, I ran into her at the wedding of a mutual friend a few years later and she pretty much said hello and then brushed me off. #Whatever)


Tastiest Pizza You Don't Even Know You're Missing Out On - The winner has gotta be Fellini's in Pawtuxet Village. Had some amazing pizza, and spinach pies, there with a friend last night and she initially had no idea "they" had even opened an outpost in the Village. Don't let THAT happen to you! Do yourself a seriously big favor and head over to Broad Street in Cranston as soon as possible to check them out. (Their outdoor seating area is adorable, but it's getting way too chilly to sit al fresco at night.)


Most Unexpected Place To Get Yummy Pizza - The Olympia Tea Room Watch Hill. Last month, I had dinner at the Tea Room in WH and could not believe how delicious their grilled pizza was. We ordered one to split and after a few short minutes, that plate was clean. And who knows, you might even run into T. Swift while you're there. (Not sure if you got that memo, but she has a house in Watch Hill now. WINK.)


Most Anticipated Pizza - Pizza J on Westminster in Providence. I took a friend to one of their special Wednesday night previews back in September and all I'll say is that their pizza was OUTSTANDING. Also, btw, their sauce was some of the best I've had in my entire life and keep in mind, I was raised by an Italian mother and a grandmother who came over on the boat from Naples when she was only 13 years old, if that means anything to you (It should!). And Julian tells me that sauce (gravy for you diehards) takes 8 hours to make - it doesn't get more old world Italian that THAT.

*I hear they're opening soon...To get a sneak peak at the inside of Pizza J and find out more about the neighborhood pizza parlor everyone in the capital city has been anxiously waiting for, click here


Honorable Mentions

  • Pizza That PattyJ.com Guest Bloggers Brianna And Nicole Live On  - Nino's in Cranston
  • Pizza That One Of The CNA's Who Takes Care Of My Mom Raves About - Figidini's in PVD (Pizza oven's from Italy she tells me.)
  • Pizza That We Devoured After RI Monthly Mag's Best Of Party At PPAC Back In July - Providence Coal Fired  #Yum


Ciao For Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: Pizza J photos by Ashley Farney. Olympia Tea Room exterior courtesy of their site. Al Forno sign courtesy of Google Images. All other photos courtesy of the PattyJDotCom Instagram.