About Your Yoga Teacher: 8 Of Your Biggest Misconceptions Debunked

Sarah Manzi

Who Is She?

I've been teaching yoga for 7 years (started at 22 years old) and am now also certified in Balance Point Barre. I've taught at many studios throughout RI and now teach anywhere from 9 to 12 classes per week, mainly at corporate places. 

Where I teach:

WOW Warwick
Blast EP
FM GLOBAL Fitness Center
Bluecross Fitness Center
Textron Fitness Center
New Life Team Fitness

8 Popular Misconceptions About Yoga Instructors & Yoga

1. Yoga instructors are vegetarians or vegans.  

I eat meat, bread, eggs, cheese, and sometimes candy. 😱

2. We don't like to party.

Granted I would never be able to maintain my lifestyle partying all the time, but I do indulge in some fun when necessary. 😎

3. We wear yoga pants everywhere.

I LOVE when I have a day to wear anything other than yoga pants. Freedom and  expressing myself through clothing is something I cherish. While yoga pants are super great and comfortable, sometimes I want to be in anything but.

4. I only associate with 'yoga people'.

Love yoga peeps but I definitely have plenty of people in my life who do NOT practice yoga and I am totally cool with them. 

5. I don't care about making money.

Not true. I think yoga needs to be valued more monetarily. Yoga at its essence has the power to transform people in so many incredible ways and I feel that adequate reciprocation is necessary.   A tremendous amount of time and energy goes into (being) a passionate and authentic yoga teacher & I believe their pay should reflect that. 

6.  I love om-ing, gong baths, and chanting.

I don't om in my classes. Gong baths, along with drum circles, sometimes give me headaches and I would much rather sing songs I love than chant. 

7. My body feels good everyday.

Yeah I wish!!! I am sore and achey most days. Yoga does help to relieve some of that, but it's still a workout and does cause soreness. 

8. Yoga is only about flexibility.

No. Yoga is about everything from your physical body to spirituality, focus, balance, inner/outer strength, and peace. 

Also, being sensitive is BADASS. I don't care what anyone says. Revealing and understanding your emotional depth is not easy work. Some shadow sides:

  • Opening yourself up allows many different kinds of energy and people into your life. Not all are good for you.
  • Opening yourself up to feel more makes you more vulnerable to emotions that are not always fun or easy to deal with. 

I'm still very much a Yogi, or Yogini rather 😋. I love smoothies, colorful foods, and being in tune with my body. 


More About Sarah

She is a p/t student at URI, studying Psychology, and also her own online jewelry shop called Shadow Caverns, which sells gently used Sterling silver (some gold) rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. 

Find Sarah on Instagram @Wildflowher.

See more of her jewelry on IG @Shadowcaverns and on Poshmark (where she's been building a loyal following for the last three years) at horseshoes44.


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Sarah Manzi