Let's Talk Turkey: How To Win At Thanksgiving This Year

Giana here again! In case you don’t remember me from my previous post, I am a 24-year-old hippie chick. (And I’ve since started my own blog GianaRosa.com because I was so inspired after writing for PattyJ.com.) Today, I'm back talking about one of favorite subjects - FOOD.

"The wonderful thing about food is you get three votes a day. Every one of them has the potential to change the world."

                                       Michael Pollan

Food is something I am truly passionate about. I believe what we put into our bodies’ fuels us and the food that we eat is medicine. (So) I’m very conscious about what I eat. I still enjoy food; I am a super foodie. I'm just a snob now about where it comes from and how it was raised and prepared. No big deal, it’s really not that hard. Fresh food is the most nutritious and in RI, it's easy to find (because) we have a lot of farms that care about the food they sell as well as their impact on the land. 

We have so many amazing local farms that believe food is a big deal. Like Carpenter’s Farm. Their farm stand is packed with amazing local goodness. RI honey, vinegars, produce, Thanksgiving turkeys and more! I am really excited about this because it means it's totally possible to have a Thanksgiving meal 100% raised, grown, and sold right here in Rhode Island. And honestly, there's something about a dead, frozen bird packaged maybe a year ago (or more) that is so unappetizing and definitely not what the beautiful, indigenous people of this land would want on their table. The birds at Carpenter’s are local, happy and free-roaming. The native apples are overflowing and so ready to be turned into some kickass apple pies. Want to eat fresh? Eat local. 

Also, Thanksgiving can be hard - relatives from far and wide, strangers popping in, nosey neighbors, and who knows what else. Carpenter's Farm has one more trick up their flannel sleeves! Homemade Bloody Mary Mix. Need I say more? Just add vodka and a celery stalk to their regular mix (or the spicy one, in the pic above) and you have the perfect weapon to get you through the holidays.


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Photo Credits: Photos of Carpenter's Farm are courtesy of their FB page. Bloody Mary pic was found via Google Image and Absolute.com. All other pictures are courtesy of Giana Rosa.