Samantha Says: The Skinny On Why You Need To Get With Probiotics

A little over a month ago, my good friend Patty suggested I try incorporating probiotics in my day to day – boy, am I glad she did! You see, up until this point, I hadn’t noticed how badly my body needed to be re-aligned.

In case you're wondering, your gut (yes, your gut) hosts billions of wonderful microorganisms known as “good bacteria,” this bacteria is essential in keeping your body healthy and digestive system on track. Sadly, many of our day-to-day eating habits prevent our bodies from regenerating this good bacterium’s, leaving us with a feeling of exhaustion (mentally and physically).

Fortunately, we live in a place where supplements to aid in our health and well-being are readily available at a range of costs. Let me introduce you to the product that changed my body and the way I connect with it: LoveBug Probiotics.

For nearly a month, I took one of LoveBug’s “Here’s the Skinny” probiotics before I left for work – I can honestly say, I noticed a difference in the way I was feeling after just a week. The main driver behind my interest in taking this supplement was that I was suffering from bouts of digestive issues and frequent bloating (sound familiar?). Lucky for me (and you), LoveBug’s “Here’s the Skinny” probiotic is specially formulated to alleviate such ailments. These little guys are filled with 8 different bacterial strains and Vitamin C – the perfect combination to help you combat digestive issues, bloating, shifts in moods, your metabolism, and a variety of other issues we’re faced with day to day.

Obviously, I’m no scientist/nutritionist. You may be caressing your chin wondering, “Hmmm, Sam how can I really trust what you’re saying about these super supplements?” Well, you’ll just have to take my word for it and the word of those at LoveBug. The studies surrounding the positive effects of incorporating probiotics in your diet are vast and ubiquitous. I suggest you take some time getting to know the types of probiotics available out there and which best suits your body’s needs.

You see, not only does the LoveBug brand offer digestive probiotic solutions, but they also have Immune Boosting and Women’s Health targeted probiotics in their arsenal. Get in tune with your body and get on the track to being the most healthy and happy version of ‘you.’ Check out LoveBug’s full line of products and customer reviews on their site (here). 


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