RI Restaurant Stories: The Freshly Brewed List Of Local Coffee Spots

Did you happen to catch any of the articles about coffee that are making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter this week? Turns out, it may actually give us coffee addicts longevity. And more. So many reasons to keep drinking it, but with coffee places seemingly popping up on every corner nowadays, it can be confusing and difficult to find the best spots (True Story: I've had my share of bitter or muddy and stale cups this past year.). That's why, with the help of some of the cool contributors and guest bloggers for PattyJ.com, I have this freshly brewed list of the most consistently great coffees and coffee-based drinks in the Ocean State, along with a few wild card options thrown in for those days when you may want to change things up just a little. #Cheers

  1. the Espresso at Small Point Cafe
  2. the Hot (or Iced) Mocha at The Shop On Wickenden (The lighting and clean yet home-y decor make it perfect for Instagram'ing btw.)
  3. Brewed Coffee at L'Artisan (There are few local places better to sit outside, in the warmer weather, and people watch...They also have wine. Just. Sayin.)
  4. Brewed Awakenings for their Chai 
  5. the Cappuccino at Rosalina's (One of the absolute smoothies and yummiest I've had in the last year. And I hear "they" use illy Coffee from Italy.) 
  6. the Mexican Hot Chocolate at Olga's
  7. the Cortado at Wildflour (I'm also a fan of their hot apple cider in the fall.)
  8. the black coffee, or Cappuccino, from Felicia's
  9. the Latte (and latte art!) at Bolt in the lobby of The Dean (The coffee's fair trade, the milk's local, and odds are the barista with the man bun will ask you 'What else is on the agenda for today?')
  10. the Honey Latte at Dave's in South County or PVD (Incredibly Delicious)
  11. the Macchiato at Main Street Coffee in EG (Another great place to bring someone you've started dating and want to impress. There's a bar as well and it is definitely hoping at night.)
  12. the signature Rhody, the more slightly more sophisticated cousin to your traditional iced coffee, at Vanuatu on Atwells (#TrulyLifeChanging...I promise you.)
  13. the Cappuccino, and macaroons, at Ellie's in downtown PVD (In case you're wondering, same owners as perennial fav Gracie's up the street.)
  14. Iced Coffee (especially if you're one of those people who insist on drinking it year round) at Cafe International on Oaklawn Ave in Cranston


What are some of your fav places for coffee? Chai? Hot chocolate? Let us know in the comments below.


Ciao For Now,

Patty J



Photo Credits: Thumbnail and pictures of Coffee Meme, Ellie's, and Vanuatu are all courtesy of Ashley Farney. All other photos are courtesy of the PattyJDotCom Instagram account.