The Trouble With Men Revisited: A Rebuttal From Brianna

I repost popular blogs over on the FB page all the time. Recently, after doing just that, with a blog I wrote about a 65-70 year old dude hitting on my 20-something niece Brianna while we were at a restaurant on Main Street in EG, there was a flurry of comments from women (mostly agreeing with me) and men (mostly disagreeing). And this one guy in particular telling me to 'get over myself' (#Whatevs) and asking what was so wrong with that scenario. (See his complete comment in the first photo below.) Well, fasten your seat belts ladies and gents because here's Brianna's no holds barred - aka, no BS - rebuttal to what he had to say. 


Dear Pepper Haired Sexy Man,

Hi. I was the victim of this situation, so I figured it’s appropriate for me to respond to your ridiculous, pitiable comments. 

I personally prefer to date men my age, not someone who is old enough to be my grandfather. I don’t think this is absurd, immature, or ignorant. In fact, I think you are absurd, Pepper Haired Sexy Man. 

Right now you are probably thinking, “Me, absurd? Ha, No!”, but let me explain.

This post actually made you realize that, well, some of us (normal, non-gold-digger) women in our late twenties, aren’t into the whole idea of dating someone just “to enjoy the finer things in life”. The fact that 1) you said that, 2) you are okay with it, and 3) you are basically defending it really concerns me. I guess you are just as much of a victim as I am, but apparently from the opposite end of the spectrum. 

Now, there is nothing wrong with someone like you, who I will further refer to as, “Grandpa”, speaking to younger women like me. The issue is that Grandpa, you just take these situations much farther than just talking. You want one thing, and you are okay with basically paying someone off, in a legal way, to get that. You want young, beautiful women to be your live trophies/Barbie dolls. You want them to dress up, look sexy, and turn you on (I am throwing up in my mouth at that thought). I actually think the entire idea of that is disgusting and pathetic. 

Now, I know your skin is probably boiling, but I am not done yet.

First and foremost, do you have a daughter? Would you be okay with her dating someone that is old enough to be her grandfather? Would you actually say to her, “Sweetie, it is totally fine for you to date someone 30-40 years older than you, just so you can enjoy the ‘finer things in life'. Now, that being said, I hope you don’t have a daughter. Oh, and if you do, I hope she is smart enough to know that is wrong. 

Yea, you are probably ready to toss whatever device you're reading this on because I'm making you so mad, but guess what? I’M STILL NOT DONE YET.

I just feel so bad for you Grandpa, I must help you out, and so here are a few tips:

First of all, claiming you "have money" doesn’t impress me. Most people, who are showoffs, such as yourself, don’t have much to offer. Next time you're trying to pick up a young, hot chick, you should probably NOT brag so much. 

Secondly, I am offended that you really think a woman my age can’t enjoy the finer things in life without a Grandpa, because guess what… WE CAN. And guess what else? The only requirement is hard work. Sorry Grandpa, my career has no baggage & no wrinkles! Again, next time you are trying to pick up a young, hot chick, you should probably NOT say that. 

Lastly, if I was going to do that whole grandpa thing (which I never would – don’t get too excited over there!), I would be smart about it. Bank statements, power of attorney, living will, etc. I would make sure all my T’s were crossed and I’s dotted. (After all, you know that "they" are only in it for the money and are okay with that, so I am assuming you would agree to all of this.)

So Grandpa, the next time you decide to comment on a blog post, you should probably make sure what you’re saying isn’t so absurd. And I hope my advice helps you with your next twenty something.


(BTW – I think you're lying when you say you are “approaching 40”)

To see the original blog that this is based on, click here.

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Photo Credits: Pictures of celeb couples courtesy of Google Images and Pinterest. #DontSueUs