Mistletoe Madness: The 5 Places To Take Someone You Want To Kiss This Holiday Season

The other night, over glasses of merlot at Lili Marlene's on Atwells (more film noir and Francis Ford Coppola's wines than The Godfather), B. announced to us, and anyone within earshot (although "they" probably weren't listening), that it was the perfect spot to bring a mistress. I'm guessing because it's pretty dark (due in large part to the signature black-out drapes covering the front windows and door) and also because everyone there seemed so engrossed in their own drama that they couldn't give a frog's fat *ss about what anyone else around them was saying or doing. That got us thinking about other local spots to bring a mistress, side girl, or that person you really just want to kiss/put the moves on. So, with that in mind, here's our unofficial guide to the creme de la creme of the moody, mysterious, and sexy joints in the OS*.

  1. Two floors of dimly lit atmosphere are always better than one, especially if you're part of the tribe called 20-somethings...Circe (A little anonymous bird suggests taking him or her up to the 2nd floor btw. And I so want to film a reality show there, casting myself as a younger version of Lisa Vanderpump #PumpRules.)
  2. Because a romantic vibe + truly awesome food = Broadway Bistro (Way more impressive than that pre-cooked chicken and diet soda you picked up at the market. Natch!) 
  3. But if you're going incognito and you want to do more of a cozy/comfort food thing, then it's Blackie's Tavern in Smithfield. (I know of two people who are head over heels and it sorta started after a date at Blackie's. True story. Sworn to secrecy tho.)
  4. Ok, I bet you probably first stumbled across The Avery while waiting for a table at North across the street and you've been waiting for any reason to go back  - This is it!!! (The right mix for a rendezvous, but def not a break-up. Take him or her elsewhere in PVD for that and if things get ugly, pass it off as performance art.)


Ciao for Now,

Patty J 


*OS = Ocean State


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of the PattyJDotCom Instagram