My RI Life: Anthony Palmieri, Mr. Rhode Island United States 2016

Hello, my name is Anthony Palmieri. I am 28 years old, from Cranston, and proud to announce that on November 13, 2015, I was crowned your very first Mister Rhode Island United States 2016.

Throughout this entire pageant journey, I did a great deal of self-exploration and reflection. I cannot help but think back to my educational experience at Cranston High School West and also my secondary education at Syracuse University. I am beyond thankful for the influence it has had on my life and the man it has molded me into today. These life experiences have given me the strength and determination to embark on anything I set my heart and mind towards. 

Pageant Life

I enjoy mentoring, and having a positive influence, in the pageant world thru dressing, training, and coaching many teenagers and Miss contestants for their up-and-coming pageants. I've worked with over a dozen different pageant systems and have learned from every single client I've assisted. Each one has taught me something or provided valuable feedback throughout their experience. Without this, I would not be as motivated as I am today. (I've also included some makeup tips - Yes, men wear makeup!)


As many of you may know, I work at Sonya's Clothing, on Oaklawn Ave., in Cranston, and have been at this hot and hip heaven of couture for over six years now. Currently, I am responsible for managing the sales floor and selecting product to keep the boutique current and up to date with the hottest trends of the season. I've also established many well known contacts in the fashion industry via regular trips to social networking events, fashion shows, designer markets, and collection showcases around the country.

Many of my clients have shopped with me from father daughter dance all the way up to military balls. Loyal and comfortable are two words I'd use to describe my relationships with my clientele. Trying on a cocktail dress or an evening gown may not be every woman's favorite thing to do. As a wardrobe stylist, I strive to provide the best service and fitting experience that any of customers have ever received. To me, it's NOT just about selling a dress; it's more about seeing the confident smile exuded from wearing a flattering garment once the photos surface from their most recent event. (Thank you Facebook and Instagram for that!)

Have a holiday or New Year's party around the corner? Are you a guest of the wedding? Have a class reunion coming up? Come visit me! 

Anthony's Favorites


Restaurants: Milk Money, Allie's Donuts, Iggy's

Clothing And Accessories: Anthony's House of Formals, Franklin Roger's LTD, Zara, Baywood Sunglasses

Grooming, Skincare & Makeup: Panache Salon, Exotic Tans, Atomic Barber Shop, Calma Salon, Bleach Bright RI, Sephora

Photography: Big Blue Photography


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