Christmas Is Coming: 10 Tips & Tricks To Make It Thru The Holiday Like A Boss

Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News / Getty Images

It's official: As of today, there are only 12 more days until Christmas. So pressure's on and you're probably feeling it about now, right? That's why, along with help from some regular contributors, we've put together this survival guide of real life, no BS ways to avoid any MAJOR meltdowns this season. 

  1. Fluff And Fold: Send out your laundry and get someone to come in and clean house. Save your energy and that red mani you just sat for. (Don't know about you but I find sitting for a manicure pure torture these days. Idk. It might have something to do with the fact that I can't use my phone?)
  2. Unless You Drive A Fiat Or Mini (Cooper): Uber it and avoid parking hassles, headaches, and tix. (Would rather spend $25+ on a new lipgloss or something thank you very much.)
  3. This Week's Powerball Is 140 Million: Get yourself a few quick picks like right now. If I win, I'm buying land in Foster/Gloucester and opening a senior dog sanctuary. 
  4. You're Too Busy To Watch Your Fav Shows (Homeland, Empire, RHOBH, etc) This Month: DVR or get your Netflix on. Making some down time to watch 'your shows' is a must do to stay sane this time of year.
  5. Bye Bye Paper Cuts: Find stores that offer complimentary (FREE) gift wrapping. Bought the Burt Reynolds autobio (He was the Clooney of his day dammit!) today at Barrington Books Retold in GC and they asked if I needed it wrapped. 
  6. You Never Know When You're Going To Need Them: Keep extra gifts on hand. I used to work with someone who had a 'gift closet' in her house. Sounds unnecessary and kind of Real Housewives-ish until friends and family you thought weren't coming show up on the doorstep. One neat local gift to hoard (and sneak for yourself) is RhodeIsland Rocks candy. It's an old family recipe of chocolate - or dark chocolate - covered peanuts, pretzels and raisins. And chocolate makes everything better. #BeforeProzacThereWasChocolate
  7. Give Yourself Some Credit: Get the app for your credit card on your smart phone. Life changing because it shows you how much money you're actually spending. Yeah, it's a nice wakeup call if, like me, you enjoy shopping a little too much. 
  8. Bring Your Headphones: Tap into Pandora or, my personal fav, Spotify (My playlist includes lots of 80's post-punk pop and 90's complaint rock.) and listen while you're shopping the brick and mortar stores b/c fluorescent lights and Christmas music can really do a number on you. #IKnowBecauseIWorkedInRetail
  9. The Elf On The Shelf Takeover: A solid reason to boycott Facebook or cut back big time for the month of December
  10. Christmas Scams And Scoundrels: Don't get packages delivered to your house, unless you're home all day long, because reports of stolen ones double and triple this time of year (Long story short - nefarious people tail the delivery trucks, then swipe the packages from your stoop.). Have a merrier Christmas by going to pick them up at UPS or FedEx instead. Hey, it might be a slight inconvenience, but believe you me, it's much easier than having to replace gifts that have been lifted by a ring of thieves.


Ciao for Now,

The Patty J Team