A Procrastinator's Guide: Last Minute & Local Christmas Gift Ideas

It seems like everyone I talked to over the weekend hasn't even started their shopping. But there's no need to flip out yet because there's still time...if you keep things local. (Ordering anything online at this point is a gamble that will have you going nuttier than Sharon Stone's character in the movie Casino.) Now, in case you find yourself blanking out, because you're that anxious and worried about NOT having your Christmas shopping wrapped up (Get it? Wrapped up???), here's a list of ideas to help inspire and jumpstart you to get your *ss in gear.

  1. For the Martha Stewart groupie or Goop.com fan on your list...Get them a floral arranging class via Floral CoLab, a new-ish design collective that offers seasonal tutorials at different, unique spots like Blithewold Mansion or The Farmer's Daughter. ("They" posted one of their December projects, a southwestern inspired wreath, on their Instagram this weekend btw and you should know it was kind of awesome.)
  2. For the boho chicSienna Miller-esque one...Check out Crosswynds Traders in Narragansett for discounted clothing from major labels she lives for, including one that rhymes with Mee Veople. **Wink** 
  3. Does someone you love have a big event coming up after Christmas? Get them a gc for a makeup application/lesson from Jenny DiMucci of Twinkle And Smooch Beauty. She won't make you look like someone else (I seriously hate when that happens.), but she will put you at ease and make you look like a glammier version of your everyday self. (She and her husband also offer art classes for kids and grown-ups, at the same space, as One Studio Smooch.)
  4. For the coffee snob...Forget the mermaid for a second and get them cool beans from RI-based Dave's, New Harvest or Vanuatu. They'll love you forever or at the very least, hopefully offer a cup next time you're at their house. (Speaking of which....Is there anything worse than people who don't offer guests coffee? NOPE.)
  5. For the denim devotee...Pick them up a pair of refurbished, vintage Levi's or Lee jeans at The Reformed Moth in Newport. Vintage denim anything is the surefire way to make sure you're not wearing the same jeans, jacket or skirt as everyone else in your group and looking like a total style clone. 
  6. For that person who needs a vaca badly, but refuses to take the time off...Send them to Urban Sweat at Raffa for an afternoon to relax and reboot. I'm partial to their Infrared Sauna, but there are also five other rooms to sample (from saunas to a salt grotto to a eucalyptus steam room) that will help them feel like they spent a long weekend at a spa in the Berkshires or something. 
  7. For the rescue dog, or cat, owner who's always sharing sad animal stories on FB...Make a donation in their name to NK-based Friends Of Animals In Need, a non-profit that helps pet owners who are struggling to pay vet and med-related bills, keeping them from the very real possibility of having to surrender their furry friend to a shelter. Or worse. (Not going there.)
  8. For the selfie fanatic in your life (Everybody has one!)...Get them a photo shoot with Stacey Doyle and let them see how much better professional pix look! Her Stacey Doyle Photography is located in the Hope Artiste Village on Main St. in Pawtucket, but she's mobile. Have camera, will travel. 
  9. Got someone who is always complaining about wanting to spend less time on their phone? Buy them a book at Barrington Books Retold in GC and maybe, just maybe it will get them to unplug more in 2016. (Last time I popped in, they had live music and people who were happy to help me find what I was looking for. Fun times.)


Ciao For Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images News / Getty Images